«I try to view this as a learning program and it works… sometimes»

Today, a friend of mine shared this statement with me. I love it. There is actually so much I love about it. Let’s dissect.

«I» It is so important that we express ourselves. I have a voice. I am here. Still. And this is what I have to say.

«try» Trying is all about giving it a shot without knowing what the outcome will be. No such thing as certainty. Nobody issuing a guarantee to us.

«learning» As long as we keep learning, we will develop. Into who or what? We don’t know. It is better like that. And yet, it is worth aiming for a better me.

«program» A program has structure. Input. Output. And some sort of processing in between. It is not just random. It comes with intent.

«works» The desired outcome seems to have been achieved. Success is a big word, but if something works, the minimum expectation must have been met. It doesn’t have to be glorious. Good enough when the basic functionality performs.

«sometimes» This is the Golden Buzzer word! At times, we can be so hard on ourselves. We are no robots. There is no way to subscribe to success either.

Let’s cheer ourselves up when we do and not talk ourselves down when we don’t. We not only deserve it, we owe it to ourselves.


Most of the time. I believe.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.