#119: That Is Just Like Your Opinion Man.

Almost everyone has an opinion on almost everything. Does it matter?

I also have my opinion on the opinions of others. Unsurprisingly, I am not alone. So does the Dude. He leaves no doubt about it in his unambiguous reply to the Jesus:

“Yeah, well, that is just, like, your opinion, man.“

I am not the best father. Far from. I know. One day, a long time ago, one of my children felt truly hurt by someone else’s opinion. That person was a person of authority. Her opinion counted. She called the shots after all. It was her who decided who was on the team and, more importantly, who wasn’t. That night, I played that particular scene of the Big Lebowski movie in the hope that it would help. Not so sure it worked. I could and probably should have done better back then.

However, I still believe there is truth to it. The key part is that other people’s opinions matter in relation to anything other than us. The team. The performance. The competition. You name it.

Never do they matter when it comes to how we value ourselves, what is important to us, what we care about, fight for, mourn over, laugh about.

My emotion trumps her opinion.

Your feeling beats his opinion.

I have no problem with you having your opinion as long as you accept that it is just, like, your opinion, man.




Privileged to work with those who care enough.

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Roman Eggenberger

Roman Eggenberger

Privileged to work with those who care enough.

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