#131: What Gives Me Hope.

Sometimes it feels like you are the only one seeing the opportunity beyond the threat and the solution in addition to the problem.

What a relief to hear someone else say: «Yes, that’s it!».

That brings back the energy, leads to a new exchange of thoughts and possibly even a round of experimentation or a meeting with a generous contributor of ideas.

Today, I experienced such encounter with a stranger who expressed his enthusiasm by sharing some of his most personal business experiences. It was pure joy, entertainment, critical reflection and hope.

Not everything necessarily leads to the desired outcome, but you have to keep trying. Ultimately, business success depends on a supportive network. If you do well, I do well. Let’s build something we both benefit from. What a wild idea!

However, that is what gives me hope. There are people out there who care, take a stand and call out despicable behavior when they see it.

Happy to meet you!

Let’s get downto business and kick a**!

Privileged to work with those who care enough.