#156: You’re All Set.

2069. No, this isn’t about a post-apocalyptic world. I still believe it is a story worth reading.

I was in Milan at the World Expo when the email hit my inbox. Early bird tickets would last for a maximum of 9 days. I felt safe and decided not to act on it and wait until I would be back home again.

Oh, no! All tickets gone! I had been looking forward to this event for so long. Swallow the bullet? I was the only one to blame after all. I should have bought that ticket right away. Should and could didn’t help me in the situation I had put myself into, though.

Pondering the matter for 5 days, I did something I had never done before. I didn’t accept my fate.

Dear S***, everybody keeps telling me that I should be more concise and get to the point right away, so let me try hard:

· hopeful to obtain a wild card

· keener than ever to make a change even if missing this unique opportunity to energize myself by interacting with youwould be happiest and only attendant from Liechtenstein (looking for diversity?)

· angry at myself

· extremely disappointed, but still positive to one day attend one of your events



I was proud of myself… without having achieved anything. So I thought.

Less than 5 hours later and rather unexpectedly, I received a reply to my email. He thanked me for my message and told me that there was nothing he could do. However, he didn’t just crush my hope right away. I should keep watching the booking site as there might be some ticket turn over.

Wow! He had recognized my existence on this planet. That was more than I could have possibly expected and wished for.

Another 48 hours elapsed and yet another email informing me that there might be a ticket available now, but still no luck.

That was when I went full monty. I booked a flight to London, scheduled meetings for one day and kept the second day free. My determination had outgrown my fear by now.

I have decided to fly over to London anyway. Will be there early in the morning and in case there were any no-shows, I might be able to sneak in while obviously paying the standard rate.

The reply came in within a minute. I settled the fee and knew that I was in.

The Q&A session in London ended up being a once in a lifetime experience. It felt like his razor-sharp mind answered some of the questions before they were properly pronounced. What came to mind was a rock concert or a sports event. What it didn’t remind me of was a «business gig». It was lively, energetic, personal and a good laugh.

Then it was time for the final question. The person sitting next to me had raised his hand multiple times and was so keen to ask his question at last. So I took the neon green book out of my “goodie bag” and lifted it up in the air.

I was on a roll and therefore wasn’t surprised when I got picked. As a gesture of gratitude, I passed on my privilege to ask the final question to my neighbour, who was equally please, if not more so.

2069 days ago, I decided not to accept my fate.

Nothing has been the same ever since.

«you’re all set»

He was right.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.