#169: The Buzzer Trilogy — Part 2: Buzzer People.

We are all energy. Not all of the same type, though. So choose carefully who you spend time with and when?

Not all days are the same. Some go by so quicky, others just don’t want to end. Then again, some days exhaust you whereas others fill you up with energy, do they not?

Recently, I experienced one of those rare energy booster days. It was 24 hours long. I had to work. Not everything went to my liking. All in all, a pretty ordinary day.

And yet, the two hours I spent with a friend of a friend made such a big difference.

I had the privilege to spend unhurried quality time with someone who generously shared her energy, positivity and kindness with me. There is that saying that there is only one thing that doubles when you share it and that is kindness.

She showed me around her large openair workshop so that I could experience her latest project. It wasn’t all done, it wasn’t all perfect. However, she was making progress and she was excited about everything that was yet to come. Her enthusiasm was contagious and you could feel the positive energy surrounding her.

She is no doubt a buzzer personality type!

That is exactly what I need every now and then. Just a small dose will do. It gives me the inspiration to push my own projects forward and to believe in the «power of creating».

The same way I am avoiding the toxic and negative influences type persons, I know who the buzzers, happies, wonder listeners and coaches/mentors are.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.