#171: A Professional Reunion At Last.

We have been very good friends for thirty-three years or just about two thirds of our lives. Who would have thought that our professional paths ever crossed again?

Our apprenticeship felt like a party that would never end.

You then decided to run. Fast.

France was my thing. Still wearing the fruit basket T­­­-shirt from Galeries Lafayette.

We went beyond the freezing point all the way to the edge.

Family and kids. For you two wasn’t enough, so you doubled up.

Responsible, yes. Serious, not so much.

Running, hiking, walking, talking. It kept us sane.

We would never let each other drown, would we?

So here we go again.

It’s not going back in time. The motion is forward.

The seed was planted so long ago.

Hemp or any other crop.

It doesn’t matter, does it?

Not for us.