How do you establish a connection between your customer and your product or craft?

«Hey Roman, tomorrow is harvest.»

I didn’t know who called nor what he was talking about. It turned out that he was our wooden floor layer. Now I remembered. Ah, that guy!

He runs his business as a one-man-show. Once his order book is full for the year, he doesn’t take on any new clients. After all, he looks after a thousand sheep on an alpine hut during summer time. He is also married with children.

He is the best marketer I have ever done business with.

Cutting the trees in the forest is obviously a crucial task towards laying wooden floor planks into a house. Making your customer know about it might sound unnecessary. It doesn’t improve nor expedite the process, does it?

However, it makes the customer care.

Over the coming 9 months, I wondered many times where we were in the process, what the condition of the wooden planks would be and when the big day was, the day when the wooden floor planks would finally «set foot» into our house.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.