Piling tends to be a bad practice. Organized people don’t pile, they file. An exception should be granted, though.


Have lots of books on the go. How many? How many places can you get away with making small piles of books? One pile by the bed, another on the desk, a book or two in my rucksack, a small stack by the comfy char…»

Nick Parker wrote this beautiful little book called On Reading. Lots of short stories on one single subject. I can relate to all of them. Even as a late starter to the habit of reading, I seem to have caught up quite a bit.

The story on piles keeps coming up as a conversation topic in our household. I am sure Parker has been told the same:

«Either you move those books away or you do the vacuuming yourself.»

He is obviously right when he wonders what we can get away with. My vacuuming time has risen sharply ever since I started piling up books in various places.

Well, it’s worth it.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.