We are all different, are we really?

This friend of mine has only just recovered. It was his second burnout in 6 years. Now he is looking for a new job. Having completed an internship in our company to test the waters before deciding to venture into a completely new role in a different industry.

«I am not like you.»

That was one of his conclusions he drew from the joint experience. What he was referring to was his perception of how I managed to handle different roles with various degrees of responsibility. Currently, my work portfolio consists of a paid job in a hemp start-up, a mobile café I own and run seasonally over the summer months and various freelancing gigs.

It got me thinking. How different are we really?

I am at least equally scared that I won’t be able to cope with everything that is on my plate. The feeling of it all getting too much is all too present. Some of the feedback I get is physical. It affects my ability to sleep, I feel dizzy at times and I lose appetite.

In that sense, we are all the same.

Are we not?

Privileged to work with those who care enough.