#178: Trust Me.


How much do you trust yourself? Enough so for others to trust you?

«All you gotta do is trust me. That’s all you gotta do.»

That is Bradley Cooper talking to Lady Gaga before they get on stage to sing «Shallow» in «A Star Is Born».

It is said so easily, but is it really?

I have no idea when I last made a similar statement. It doesn’t feel like happening anytime soon. Self-confidence is a prerequisite.

Hence, timing looks right to find someone else to trust. Only just thinking about the few people that come to mind gives me that warm and cozy feeling. That might actually be the signal. As soon as it comes back naturally, then I could possibly be ready to ask others to trust me.

Here we go. I have just written down the recipe.

Trust me.



Roman Eggenberger

Privileged to work with those who care enough.