#183: Why It Is True That I Am Not Saving Someone Else’s Life.

I know what they say about being emotional and acting on it. Take a nap. Sleep over it. It will help you “regain control” over how something makes you feel right now.

Having watched the movie Just Mercy makes me angry. Who am I to even have an opinion on that story? It is from a different time in a faraway place. Is that true?

Should it be my mission to save someone else’s life? I am not a laywer, so I can’t. Is that true?

Define life. And define saving. Most importantly, switch from “someone” to a person in flesh and blood.

Everyone has a story to tell. Some have hidden talents. Lots of people sing brilliantly. They are told not to be good enough, which they start believing themselves. And then, they go on stage and perform as if there was no tomorrow. Their art touches others. What has been hidden to the rest of us really is a gift to all of us. Not all of those “talents” end up becoming super stars. And yet, I am sure that Simon Cowell saying “you have four yeses” or Heidi Klum pressing the golden buzzer changes the lives of those people. It might even save someone’s life. Literally. Is that true?

There is life beyond fancy casting shows. I know that to be true.

A hard working man made redundant after 20+ years of dedicated service. An immigrant realizing that language barriers seem insurmountable. That teenager in my village struggling to find his path. More than just one old person sitting at the dinner table and staring into the void. A mother grieving the loss of her child.

By the time I wake up tomorrow morning, I will know what the truth is. The evidence won’t support the case of me saving someone else’s life. I am not a lawyer after all. That is true.

Luckily, today’s emotions will have faded by then. That will also be true.

I therefore rest my case.