#193: It Is Time To Diversify Your Portfolio Of Wealth.

The Old English word wela, via the Middle English welth, meaning “happiness and prosperity in abundance,” is the source of our noun wealth. Although the Middle English wele meant “well-being,” the word referred primarily to money and possessions. Many people still feel that way, but Henry David Thoreau offered a different view: “Wealth is the ability to fully experience life.” That is, true wealth is having whatever means the most to you.

I like the reference to meaning, «whatever means the most to you». That includes far more than money or what you can buy with money. It obviously starts with you, your physical health and fitness, emotional and mental well-being and the extent to which you can decide on your own what you do and when you do that. Your actions drive your contribution to causes that are bigger than you. And since you don’t live in isolation, it is about your relationships with others. All of that gives you meaning and therefore has value, which you can easily account for.



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