#21: Nothing

Roman Eggenberger
2 min readJan 21, 2021


All or nothing. Black or white. One or zero. We love to speak in absolutes, don’t we?

I had this conversation with a friend of mine the other night. We talked about taking another view. Pausing. Noticing what has always been there. Everything that has somehow gone unnoticed, forgotten even, over a long period of time.

«But then I have nothing.»

We did manage to access his treasure trove of memories, which seemed to lift his spirit.

Why does it feel like «nothing is left» when something else goes?

It might have to do with the fact that we are overwhelmed.

Overwhelmed with our many responsibilities.

Overwhelmed by emotions.

Overwhelmed by the idea of having to perform. Constantly.

Overwhelmed by the noise around us. Or rather inside?

Nothing doesn’t just stand for «no thing». Something of «no value» is also nothing.

So when we look back on life, there are all of those places we have been to, the many people we have met and the experiences we have had.

How did we value them at the time? What value do we give them today? The value of the change we make over a lifetime accumulates and compounds.

If what is really important to us is making change, then let’s remember the moments when we last had that feeling. And the one time before that. And further back.

It if had value at the time, then it still has value today. It has not turned to «no thing» just because we have forgotten about it.

But most importantly, it is not of «no value».

Everything has value.

We just need to see it. Again.



Roman Eggenberger

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