7 is odd. 19 is also odd. So is 29. And 101. But thinking beyond prime numbers, what is the definition of oddness?

There is something odd about me.

I have a tendency to behave strangely.

Some of my ideas are truly peculiar.

I am unreasonably curious.

I feel freakish at times.

Most of this is funny, but not in a fun way.

How could this possibly be any more bizarre than this?

Oddness is a precious character trait, a quality worth defending.

We don’t celebrate oddness, do we?

But there is no reason to suppress it either.

Let’s take 2 as a great example of «socially accepted oddness».

Primus inter pares, the number 2 is the only even prime number, making it the odd even one in a large group of otherwise odd prime numbers.

That sounds like some sort of hidden oddness to me.

There is a number 2 in all of us.

We have freedom to define our highly personalized form of oddness.

Where does that take us?

I had the privilege of watching Harry Baker perform his poem on prime numbers live on stage in 2019.

Oddness at its very best!

Privileged to work with those who care enough.