«Sure! I would have if only I could have…» There is no doubt that we would all achieve so much more if we were given the opportunity to do so.

That’s a shame, isn’t it?

It’s a real shame, but for a completely different reason.

It’s not that there are no offers, it’s just that we either don’t see them or we let them pass intentionally.

I have had the privilege to work with a lot of ambitious young people. They all came equipped with university degrees and some level of practical work experience. What they had in common was that they wanted more. More money, more titles, more responsibilities, more strategic challenges. And there was generally one particular category they wanted less of.

Mundane tasks. (I am glad I found a guide on how to tackle those. It’s actually a pretty good one.)

Why is that?

We believe that we are made for bigger things. Small is for others, those with no ambitions. And yet, all the big things start small quoting no less than Jeff Bezos:

“The biggest oak starts from an acorn, and if you want to do anything new, you’ve got to be willing to let that acorn grow into a little sapling and then finally into a small tree, and maybe one day it will be a big business on its own. We know that big things start small.”


«What offer?»

«Yeah right, but…»

«Now is just really bad!»

«This again!»

«What’s the point?»


«Been there. Done that.»

«Not my level. Definitely not.»

«Why me?»

But then there are those who look at the same and see something else. Everything is an offer to them. And they are willing to work with it. It means working with what you have.

«Hmmm… interesting.»

«I see.»

«Great! I better start.»

«Would love to know more.»

«I can already see this or that… or maybe not.»

«Please tell me more.»


«Don’t understand, but doesn’t matter, does it?»

«There is certainly more to it.»

«Oh, something is missing. What is the offer in that?»

They dig into it, immerse themselves. Become. Fly.

That is obviously rare. Which is not the point.

Offers are everywhere. Everything is an offer.

That is the point.

Still a shame?

Privileged to work with those who care enough.