Everything is an offer! Why couldn’t I see that before?

When you are on the run, you hardly recognize anything and your peripheral vision blurs. This could actually be a medical condition. However, that’s not what I am referring to.

Once you want to get out of a building, all you look for is the exit sign. There might be doors left and right, but you are unlikely to open any one of them. Any distraction would be a waste of time and quite possibly the cause of unintended consequences.

That is what it has felt like for me during the last few weeks. I had made up my mind and I had enough of almost everything.

Yes, and why not have a laugh despite it all?

Yes, and what if those who really counted felt differently about it?

Yes, and what if I just said «no»?

Yes, and that certainly makes my start-up experience even more special!

Robert Poynton, author of two of my all-time favourite books, Do Improvise and Do Pause, and one of the most thoughtful people I have ever been around with, sums up the practice of improvisation in just six words:

Notice more.

Let go.

Use everything.

That is exactly what I have decided to do. And I will (re-)start right now.

It ist easy.

I am privileged in all possible ways. I don’t really have anything to lose in this. Lots of people support me.

Forget pride. I thought I had thrown my ego out of the window, but I will happily do it one more time. There is energy and momentum around me.

Play it back. Challenge. Support. And most importantly, smile.

Privileged to work with those who care enough.