How much do you trust yourself? Enough so for others to trust you?

«All you gotta do is trust me. That’s all you gotta do.»

That is Bradley Cooper talking to Lady Gaga before they get on stage to sing «Shallow» in «A Star Is Born».

It is said so easily, but is it really?

I have no idea when I last made a similar statement. It doesn’t feel like happening anytime soon. Self-confidence is a prerequisite.

Hence, timing looks right to find someone else to trust. Only just thinking about the few people that come to mind gives me that warm and cozy feeling. That might actually be the signal. As soon as it comes back naturally, then I could possibly be ready to ask others to trust me.

Here we go. I have just written down the recipe.

If we both believe it, it is real, isn’t it?

Technically speaking, I am not really a barista, although that is what it says on the back of my shirt. What sets the professional apart from most coffee lovers is his or her skill to make a «drawing» in a cup of espresso using foamed milk.

A heart is as good as it gets. Symmetrical? Hardly ever, but few customers actually complain. Fewer even voice their desire to see a customized drawing. Expectation are low after all.

It was different the other day. A three year old girl initially requested…

We are all different, are we really?

This friend of mine has only just recovered. It was his second burnout in 6 years. Now he is looking for a new job. Having completed an internship in our company to test the waters before deciding to venture into a completely new role in a different industry.

«I am not like you.»

That was one of his conclusions he drew from the joint experience. What he was referring to was his perception of how I managed to handle different roles with various degrees of responsibility. …

Piling tends to be a bad practice. Organized people don’t pile, they file. An exception should be granted, though.


Have lots of books on the go. How many? How many places can you get away with making small piles of books? One pile by the bed, another on the desk, a book or two in my rucksack, a small stack by the comfy char…»

Nick Parker wrote this beautiful little book called On Reading. Lots of short stories on one single subject. I can relate to all of them. …

I had to run not to miss my train. On the way out, this is what she said to me.

«So nice to see you again.»

I hadn’t been at the coworking space for at least 6 months. We don’t even work together. And yet, we appreciate each other’s prescence. She is curious, so am I. I love the chocolate she produces, especially the one with the cocoa nibs. Almost too good not to eat too much of it. Having a bite feels like a privilege.

It was really nice of her.

I felt good about it. I think it would make all of us feel good.

Having been on the receiving end of her kindness, I am happy to give away some of mine.

To give generously.

And to be nice.

That is nice.

Fear and Creativity feed off each other. They are perfect twins.

I love the twin concept and have written about it before. Nothing comes close to the way Elizabeth Gilbert describes her relationship with fear and creativity in her book Big Magic:

«Dearest Fear: Creativity and I are about to go on a road trip together. I understand you’ll be joining us, becuase you always do. I acknowledge that you believe you have an important job to do in my life, and that you take your job seriously. Apparently your job is to enduce compelte panic whenever I’m about to…

How do you establish a connection between your customer and your product or craft?

«Hey Roman, tomorrow is harvest.»

I didn’t know who called nor what he was talking about. It turned out that he was our wooden floor layer. Now I remembered. Ah, that guy!

He runs his business as a one-man-show. Once his order book is full for the year, he doesn’t take on any new clients. After all, he looks after a thousand sheep on an alpine hut during summer time. He is also married with children.

He is the best marketer I have ever done business…

We have been very good friends for thirty-three years or just about two thirds of our lives. Who would have thought that our professional paths ever crossed again?

Our apprenticeship felt like a party that would never end.

You then decided to run. Fast.

France was my thing. Still wearing the fruit basket T­­­-shirt from Galeries Lafayette.

We went beyond the freezing point all the way to the edge.

Family and kids. For you two wasn’t enough, so you doubled up.

Responsible, yes. Serious, not so much.

Running, hiking, walking, talking. It kept us sane.

We would never let each other drown, would we?

So here we go again.

It’s not going back in time. The motion is forward.

The seed was planted so long ago.

Hemp or any other crop.

It doesn’t matter, does it?

Not for us.

We all need and want praise. It is great to receive «four yeses». But then, there is this.

The emotions triggered by the Golden Buzzer are hard to describe, even for me who only watches them on Youtube. During a recent baking all-nighter, I watched hours of Golden Buzzer moments of America’s Got Talent and Britain’s Got Talent. It made me cry again and again.

For those on the receiving end of a Golden Buzzer, it is the reward for their performance, but not only that. …

We are all energy. Not all of the same type, though. So choose carefully who you spend time with and when?

Not all days are the same. Some go by so quicky, others just don’t want to end. Then again, some days exhaust you whereas others fill you up with energy, do they not?

Recently, I experienced one of those rare energy booster days. It was 24 hours long. I had to work. Not everything went to my liking. All in all, a pretty ordinary day.

And yet, the two hours I spent with a friend of a friend made…

Roman Eggenberger

Privileged to work with those who care enough.

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